Helena and Dylan at her studio.

Dylan and Helena , the love scene , season 6

What a wonderful scene of the l word!!! Dylena is my fav' couple, and you ?! The copyrights for all pictures, music and video ...

Helena and Dylan fighting Last Word 608

Helena and Dylan argue about silly issues. | | Copyright: Showtime Networks Inc. & The L Word creators: Ilene Chaiken, Michele ...

Alex and Rachel (Dylan and Helena) - Be Scene 2008

Alexandra Hedison (Dylan) and Rachel Shelley (Helena) known from "The L Word" having fun, flirting and making out on Be ...

Helena and Dylan - Those eyes in front of me

Those eyes in front of me are like the kaleidoscope of lights. Those eyes in front of me are getting brighter and warmer. Those ...

Dylan & helena.wmv

the l word Dylan & helena Rachel Shelley Alexandra Hedison.

The L Word Helena & Dylan- Dylena story

A video about the love story between Helena and Dylan.. song by Alanis Morissette Head Over Feet.. Enjoy!!!

Helena & Dylan - One more time

It is sad that Helena and Dylan are not involved in the sequel that began today . Even sadder, because they were separated in the ...

Dylena- Dylan And Helena- Best Moments from The L Word

Dylena For ever !!! The copyrights for all pictures, music and video materials belong to their original owners/creators.

Dylena 5

Helena pays Dylan a visit in her studio.

The L Word - Dylena - Apologize

A Dylan and Helena music video to Apologize by One Republic feat. Timbaland. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.

Helena & Dylan (the L word) - Stay (Elisa)

This is my second vid. about Helena and Dylan.

Helena and Dylan - The Best Of Me

So many years gone Still I remember How did I ever let my heart believe In one who never gave enough to me And so many years ...

don't tell me that it's over - helena and dylan

WARNING - LESBIAN CONTENT. the scenes in this video are from the TV show "the L word". if the portrayal of two women being ...

Dylena 6

Helena greets Dylan at the studio. They make out.

Helena and Dylan - I'll Be There

Watch in HD!! For entertainment only! No Copyright infringement intended! Scenes with Helena and Dylan from season 3 and 6 of ...

Helena & Dylan (the L word) - I Just Can't Live a Lie

My first Helena & Dylan video (as a request from visualbanquet). I chose 'I Just Can't Live a Lie' song. I hope you'll like it.